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Custom Clean Beauty and Wellness Services

Fully customized treatments to match your skin using our in-depth skin analysis. Depending on your individual skin type, we choose a specific regimen of organic products that is tailored to your skin’s needs.

We only use products that promote healthy skin by strengthening and balancing rather than stripping away its natural defenses. Additionally, all treatments are good for your mind, body and spirit, encouraging you to relax and take time for yourself. At the end of your treatment, you will feel soothed, pampered and rejuvenated. The results? Skin that radiates with health and beauty!

Featured Product

302 Plus Drops

302 Plus Drops stimulate skin cell activity, increasing cellular production of collagen and skin cell renewal for a firmer, tighter complexion with less fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful serum also resurfaces the skin to a smooth refreshed complexion. 

  • Smoothes the skin for a silkier texture and fewer fine lines and wrinkles

  • Plumps the skin for a youthful, vibrant appearance

  • Improves the skin’s resilience and thickens thin areas

  • Remodels epidermal tissue to reduce the size and appearance of scars

  • Restores the skin’s natural barriers to lock moisture and nutrients in and keep contaminants out

  • Antioxidants protect the skin from environmental free radical damage

We take your skin


Meet Tricia, Blossom Organic’s licensed esthetician

She's been in business for 10 years 

and  15+ years of experience

Don't live in the San Diego area but want great skin?

We offer One-On-One Skin Coaching over the phone

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