Why Choose an Organic Facial – and Blossom Organic?

Well, the reasons are numerous. From the air we breathe to the food we eat, our bodies are bombarded by toxic chemicals every day. Studies show that majority of skin products that are applied topically to the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream. These products are full of artificial ingredients and preservatives, which our bodies were not designed to handle, creating toxic overload. This can cause many different health problems, internally and externally.

Natural Organic Ingredients

Blossom Organic Skin Care products are preservative free, and are made using sustainable agriculture based ingredients – most products are in excess of 90% organic content! These products are NOT tested on animals, and contain no animal derived ingredients. They specifically target and reduce inflammation in the skin, one of the leading causes of aging, acne, sensitive skin and rosacea. We use actives that reverse visible aging, acne and skin stress by healing the skin at the cellular level, not just on the surface. The results are youthful, hydrated, purified, glowing skin.


Each facial (both for the face and for the back) is customized to your skin type. The combination of the products we use and the techniques we employ help to bring your skin into a healthy state by strengthening and balancing the skin rather than stripping away its natural defenses. Additionally, Blossom facials and body treatments are good for your mind and spirit because they encourage you to relax and take time for yourself. At the end of your treatment, you will feel soothed, pampered and rejuvenated.

Meet Tricia

Blossom Organic's Owner / Holistic Esthetician

My fascination with skin care products and makeup began when I was very young. I acquired all sorts of sticky peel-off masks, goopy creams, lotions and potions from my grandmother, who was an Avon lady. Curious by what the label promised, I would readily apply them to both myself and my friends, and wait anxiously for the twenty minutes of processing time to pass so I might see what sort of amazing skin transformation had happened underneath.


More recently, I’ve been studying nutrition and the role that food plays on how we age and the health of our skin. I know I’ve been told “you are what you eat” since the first grade, but I’ve never truly believed it until now. What we put in and on our bodies not only affects how healthy we are on the inside, but it also  affects how we look on the outside.


Likewise, what we put on our skin can affect our health too, both inside and out. The skin is like a sponge – chemicals and preservatives are absorbed and can enter the bloodstream and our tissue, the same way that food does. As an esthetician, this knowledge is a little troubling. Have you ever read the ingredients of your average skin care product? Go ahead and take a look at one of your favorite hand creams, lotions, body creams, etc. and if you are unable to read and understand all the ingredients, there’s your answer.


I’ve made it my mission to find chemical free, non-toxic ways to combat aging, acne, sensitized skin and other imbalances. I use nutritious, organic and natural products in my treatments in conjunction with safe, non-invasive modalities like ultrasonic and high frequency current. The results speak for themselves — beautiful, glowing, hydrated and nourished skin.

Meet Kelsey

Kelsey joined the Blossom team after relocating from Idaho, where she had her own sugaring hair removal and skin care business. She was initially drawn to the industry because she wanted to have a positive impact on people and their skin, which quickly turned to passion as she began to see the amazing results of her efforts. She feels a holistic approach to skin health is be best approach. Kelsey has over 10 years of experience, is certified in sugaring hair removal and specializes in holistic facials and skin care services.

Meet Celena