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302 Purity

Try 302 Purity for clear, glowing skin! This facial sanitizer is a natural, fragrance and preservative – free formula that uses organic green tea extract and ethanol to cleanse and purify. Treat acne-prone and bacterial susceptible skin without the damaging effects of benzoyl peroxide. 302 Purity can also be used as a water-free cleanser!
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SALE! La Bella Donna Bronzer 

L’unico Sole and Vision of Mineral Lights (Bronze)
mineral bronzers are
20% off everyday in August

Give yourself a gorgeous summer glow without the sun damage!

L’unico Sole is a long lasting sheer mineral bronzer that applies smoothly for a natural sun-kissed complexion. Use the three matte hues and one shimmering pink/gold for a bright and healthy look.

Vision of Mineral Lights (Bronze) is a quad of compressed mineral bronzing colors with light refracting qualities used to give the skin an après sun-kissed glow. The bronze palette uses the skin’s naturally occurring tanning undertones of gold and red to provide a beautiful summer look.

**As a bonus, either of these quad color compacts can also be used as eyeshadow or blush!**

getty_rm_photo_of_vitamin_d_collage Health Benefits of Vitamin D!!!

Let’s boost our health with Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin! Vitamin D is an oil soluble hormone that is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous to promote healthy bones and teeth. Some studies suggest that vitamin D is generally associated with good health and may also protect against cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and various other diseases and conditions. The great news is that vitamin D can be produced in your body through sun exposure or consumed through foods and supplements. Ideal levels of vitamin D in your body are between 50-70 ng/ml year round.  For the most accurate assessment of your vitamin D levels request a 25(OH)D, also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D, test from a laboratory of your choice or a primary care physician. There are some things to consider when maintaining optimal levels of vitamin D…


Sunburn Relief SpritzerSUNBURN



Hot Flash Relief Spritzer