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~Heal Your Skin and Look Years Younger~

302 Vitamin C “Lightening” Drops

Visibly regenerate and heal your skin from the effects of aging and sun damage. 302 Lightening Drops are made with an all natural, preservative free formula consisting of an oil soluble, stable form of Vitamin C. This formula helps natural repair functions restore skin damage. It works by clarifying, brightening skin, evening out tone, building skin strength, reducing or eliminating deep-seated pigmentation problems, increasing barrier function, as well as smoothing and softening wrinkles. Rejuvenate your skin with this simple treatment!

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La Bella Donna
Down to Earth Eyeshadow

A beautifully made-up eye is one of your skin’s most important accessories. This quad color compact takes all the guesswork out of selecting different eyeshadows by by providing the perfect combination of natural colors. You can wear each color alone or combined with the other colors in the quad. Try a natural, sophisticated look with this pure eco-mineral formula that provides long-lasting, sheer, and silky coverage.

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The Benefits of Topical Vitamin C:
Look 10 Years Younger!

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, plays an essential role in beautiful, healthy, smooth skin. Your skin is naturally full of Vitamin C, but amounts decrease over time with the aging process and environmental damage — mainly exposure to the sun (UV rays), cigarette smoke, and other pollutants. Luckily, you can replenish the Vitamin C in your skin to combat the signs of aging and skin damage. While you can take Vitamin C supplements and eat Vitamin C rich foods for overall health, many dermatologists believe and research studies show that topical Vitamin C is best for skin treatment due to fast, direct absorption.

What will topical Vitamin C do for you? Topical Vitamin C has been proven to help with wrinkles, hyperpigmentation/age spots, and healing of skin tissue. How is this possible?…

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